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The 751 action can help you care for a child in your family

In Florida, you can apply for temporary custody of a minor thanks to Chapter 751 of the Florida Statutes. This petition for temporary custody can be filed if you are an extended family member caring for a child full time in the role of a substitute parent. The child must be living with you at present. You can also apply if you receive a notarized consent form from the child's parents.

Can multiple states make custody decisions?

You always wanted your child to see both parents. When you decided to have a little one, you didn't plan to get a divorce. Now that you have, you know that things will never be the same. You're living your own lives separately from one another, but you want your child to get as much time with his or her other parent as possible.

Teens: Divorces cause them to struggle, too

When your children are going through a divorce with you, they may appear like they can handle everything that's going on. This is especially true of teens. While you may believe your teen is mature enough to handle the divorce, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Donative intent case reaches Florida Supreme Court

If you have a prenuptial agreement, you probably think that your assets are completely safe. That may not be the case in Florida, though, as a recent case has shown. In the case, one woman argued that her ex-husband's properties should not be considered to be separate property, even though the prenuptial agreement states that they are.

Florida ranks high for stress related to divorce

Florida is a beautiful state with lots to offer. It has coastal areas, forests, swamps and lakes. It has many outdoor activities and theme parks families flock to. Despite all there is to enjoy, Florida has an extremely high divorce rate. That high divorce rate has helped rank Florida as one of the most stressed-out states in the United States.

Man accused of kidnapping wife faces loss of parental rights

When it comes to getting custody of your children, there are right and wrong ways to go about it. Negotiating, going through court and working together is in everyone's best interests. If not, situations like this could threaten one parent's rights.

Fostering and adopting has benefits in Florida

There are dozens of reasons to want to adopt a child. Whether you're eager to expand your family or just want to give a child a chance at a stable home life, adoption benefits everyone involved. Legally, there are several benefits to adopting in Florida.

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