Sarasota Family Law Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Tinley M. Rudd, Esq, we know that the law is about people. Families come to us with their problems, and we respond to them with "Compassionate Advocacy." Our firm knows that clients need someone to defend their rights, to act for them in some of the most difficult family situations they will ever face. We make it our job to do exactly that for our clients.

Experienced Family Law Attorney: Sarasota And Its Surrounding Communities

Our firm provides clients with legal services in a wide variety of family matters. We regularly address the most difficult matters families face, including children's issues such as child support and property division disputes. We hold the experience needed to advise our clients as to when protecting their rights is best done in or out of court. For those times when going to court becomes necessary to protect our clients' rights, we have an established record of success in the courtroom that precedes us.

Because we know that the law is about people, our firm places a special emphasis on communication and accessibility. We want our family law clients to know that we are there for them and that we will provide them with the information they need promptly.

As an experienced firm, we have learned the legal terrain of our locality. We have seen how certain judges or opposing counsel have handled certain cases in the past. Our advice to our clients always takes into account these individual factors when providing legal guidance.

Family Law, Divorce And Property Division Attorney: Serving Sarasota County, Florida, And Other Areas

Potential clients can schedule an initial consultation with an experienced family law lawyer by calling us at 941-870-3977. You can also contact us online to make an appointment. All communications between our firm and any potential clients remain entirely confidential.