Sarasota Adoption Lawyer

The Law Offices of Tinley M. Rudd, Esq, provides clients with carefully tailored advice regarding intrafamily adoptions. Today's family arrangements often involve nontraditional family structures in which grandparents serve as legal parents to children, as do uncles, aunts and other extended family members.

If adoption discussions intersect with divorce issues, our firm's extensive experience in divorce provides adoption clients with the legal judgment they need to successfully navigate the interplay between divorce law, adoption and child custody matters. We can help our clients understand how either an adoption, a termination of parental rights or a 751 action, explained below, can promote the best interests of the child.

Stepparents Adoptions Attorney: Sarasota County And Surrounding Areas

Very often, where extended family members only wish to have temporary custody to care for a child, our firm can provide them with what is called a 751 action. Under a 751 action, the family member can gain custody even if they do not want to adopt or if they in fact do not qualify to adopt.

During the adoption or 751 process, we emphasize our practice of "Compassionate Advocacy" by promptly communicating with our clients. We realize that clients need to know where their cases stand. Our firm wants to be accessible to our clients so we can minimize worry and concern.

Termination Of Parental Rights Attorney: Sarasota County And All Nearby Communities

We encourage potential clients to schedule an initial consultation with our firm's experienced adoption attorney serving Sarasota, Florida, and its surrounding areas by calling us at 941-870-3977. You can also contact our lawyer online to make an appointment. All communications between our firm and any potential clients remain entirely confidential.