Sarasota Paternity Lawyer

As parenting laws continue to evolve and change in Florida, more and more potential clients understand that they can best protect their rights if they receive professional assistance. Particularly with respect to an issue as critical parenting, few people want to leave their rights to chance.

For this reason, clients throughout the Sarasota area turn to the experienced Law Offices of Tinley M. Rudd, Esq, for legal guidance with respect to parenting issues. Whether a client is seeking to be more involved in the life of a child, or a client is seeking to provide financially for a child, our firm holds a comprehensive understanding of the issues involved in these matters.

Paternity And Custody Advice: The Law Offices Of Tinley M. Rudd, Esq

Our firm often advises fathers who have only recently realized that they have no legal right to see their own children without establishing their parental rights in court. In these situations, the fathers have often carried along just fine for years, but then a dispute with the mother results in the problem.

We also advise parents, often mothers, seeking to enforce child support against a man who has not yet been legally proven as the father. Again, establishing the legal status of the father enables the mother to legally enforce her efforts to provide financially for her child and her family.

Whoever the client, our firm always seeks to live up to its motto: Compassionate Advocacy. We know that our clients are not just legal problems who happen to have people attached to them; they are people who are seeking help for their legal problems. To that end, we maximize our accessibility to our clients so they remain fully informed about their cases.

Parental Rights Attorney: Sarasota County And All Nearby Communities

We encourage potential clients to schedule an initial consultation with our firm's experienced paternity attorney serving Sarasota, Florida, and its surrounding areas by calling us at 941-870-3977. You can also contact our lawyer online to make an appointment. All communications between our firm and any potential clients remain entirely confidential.