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3 things you should know about child support in Florida

Divorce in Florida encompasses a wide range of considerations, from property and asset division to child custody and child support. It is important that you consult with your divorce attorney for all the specifics regarding your particular divorce case.

Am I paying too much in spousal support?

Perhaps a judge ordered you to pay an amount of spousal support that you thought was excessive from the start, or your circumstances have changed enough that the amount of spousal support you agreed to pay seems excessive now. It could also be that something has changed on your ex's side.

Can I get a divorce while a protective order is in effect?

It is a rare situation to encounter a divorce that is without stress, conflict or hard feelings. This is especially true if domestic violence is a factor. If you are the victim of emotional or physical abuse, you may already know that your spouse can make it extremely difficult to leave. You and other Florida residents who are victims of abuse may need to obtain a protective order before starting the divorce process.

Why your friend's divorce outcome may not necessarily be yours

Some people are hesitant to divorce because of bad things that happened to their friend who divorced. Similarly, some people may go into a divorce overconfident or with erroneous assumptions because of how "well" their friend came out in their own proceeding last year.

What if my ex’s new partner is not a good person?

When you share children with an ex, a worrisome issue may arise when your ex starts dating someone and you do not like the person. Alternatively, your ex may have already been dating someone who seemed fine, but his or her personality has taken a turn for the worse.

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