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Does your health matter with child custody cases?

When you and your spouse get divorced and divide up your time with the children, the court considers many different factors. After all, their focus is on making a decision that is in the best interests of the child, and they put that ahead of the parents' desires.

Helping children adjust well to divorce

As you consider divorce, you know that it's the right option for you and your spouse, but you worry about the impact on the children. This relationship isn't just about the two of you as a couple anymore. You don't want to do something that harms your children.

Child custody considerations and factors

If you're heading into a child custody case, you know that the court looks at a lot of different factors to determine how to assign custody rights. But do you know what those factors are? Understanding what the court looks for can help you move forward and strive to protect your time with the children.

Understanding legal custody interference

When most people think of child custody interference, they think about interference with the physical custody of the child. It could be something like refusing to exchange custody even though the schedule says they need to do so. It could mean taking the child out of state on a vacation without permission.

How to help kids do well in school during a divorce

Divorce is distracting for children, and it can be emotionally difficult. This pulls their attention away from their studies, and that's one reason that they tend to do a bit worse in school when their parents split up. Other children with more stable homes live simply, have fewer things to think about, and can focus on school more of the time.

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