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When should parents avoid joint physical custody arrangements?

There's a lot of talk these days about the numerous advantages of joint physical custody arrangements for both parents and their children. These arrangements involve the children living half the time with one parent and half the time with the other. Although it might seem like it's difficult for a child to have two homes, in fact, child and family psychologists agree that the benefits outweigh the difficulties as the children will get to spend as much time as they can with both sides of their family.

This is how to prepare for your child custody hearing

It's normal to feel jittery and nervous before a child custody hearing. There are a few things you can do, however, to calm your nerves -- such as getting as prepared as possible before your trial. Here are some tips that we give to our clients before their child custody hearings so that they're as fully prepared as possible:

A custody modification could help you see your kids more often

Child custody disputes are some of the most complicated proceedings because they're not something that can be resolved without hurting someone involved. Whether it's a child who hears their parents argue or parents who feel slighted, it's normal for someone to feel they're getting less than they're entitled to.

What do you do if your child's harmed with the other parent?

You always thought that your ex-spouse was a good parent, and you never expected to see your child get hurt by them. However, your relationship was toxic, and you knew you couldn't stay married. Despite that, you've worked hard to make sure your child has their other parent in their life.

Good parenting plans put your children first

Child custody isn't always easy to determine when you are two parents both equally interested in having physical custody of your children. Even if both of you are on relatively good terms, there is a risk that the child custody and parenting plans you need to come up with could threaten the balance during your divorce.

What should you do if your ex sabotages your parenting plan?

One problem that sometimes comes between divorced parents who have children is that one parent feels that the other is not being fair. They may feel the other parent is trying to sabotage the parenting plan in some way, too.

Parenting well means getting on the same page after divorce

Joint custody is often what judges want to see in a child custody arrangement. Unless there is a situation where abuse is possible, it's typically in the best interests of children to see both of their parents following the end of a marriage.

What happens when you divorce with children?

Any time two people divorce but have children, the children have to come first. In a divorce, nothing is as important as determining child custody. It's necessary to decide where the child or children will live, who will take care of the child and when and how to support the child in those circumstances.

Serving a spouse for divorce isn't always easy

Divorces aren't always easy. There is a step during which the other party has to be served with the divorce documents. If you're still in touch, that's not very difficult. However, if you were in an abusive relationship or no longer know where your spouse is, it's nearly impossible to serve the documents.

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