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Why would you modify your custody order?

The court carefully considers your situation when issuing a custody order, and they try to make a decision that puts the children first and also adheres to the rights of the parents. With all of this consideration up front, why would someone ever want to modify the order? Wouldn't it stand to reason that they already came up with a successful plan?

1 out of 3 kids lives with an unmarried parent

If you are not an unmarried parent yourself, odds are very good that you know someone who is. A lot of children live with one or more unmarried parents. In some cases, this is because the children were born outside of a serious relationship; in others, it just means that the parents live together and are in a committed relationship, but they have not decided to get officially married.

Keep emotions and finances separate

When you get divorced, you need to make a lot of financial decisions. Will you sell the home and split the money? What about your other assets? What types of support do you need or deserve? Are you willing to spend more in court if your spouse fights you on anything? These are just a few important questions to consider.

Can the birds teach us about parenting after divorce?

If you're a parent, then you definitely know about the birds and the bees. And, you probably thought the usefulness of your knowledge ended with making babies. But there's more -- when we consider the birds, at least. The novel concept of "bird's nest" parenting has been an interesting approach to post-divorce co-parenting.

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