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Stepparents may be able to adopt their partners' children

When you're a stepparent, one of the things you might be interested in doing is adopting your partner's child. While this isn't always possible, it may be in the case that the child doesn't have a father or mother or in the case that the other parent is willing to give up his or her legal rights. The noncustodial parent, if he or she is alive, must consent to the adoption if he or she still has legal rights to the child.

You may get approval to move with kids after a divorce

After a divorce, you may wish to relocate with your children. It may be difficult to do that, depending on your specific case. While society is becoming more mobile, it can be hard to convince a judge to allow you to move across the country or out of the country, because it would affect the other parent's relationship with the children significantly.

Working together to resolve custody disputes is the best way

Your child's health and happiness is your primary concern, which is why it bothers you that your child's other parent always causes a struggle when you're trying to arrange visitation or custody plans. It's possible to work together to resolve custody issues, but it does require that both parents pay attention to the wants and needs of their child as well as their own schedules.

The 751 action can help you care for a child in your family

In Florida, you can apply for temporary custody of a minor thanks to Chapter 751 of the Florida Statutes. This petition for temporary custody can be filed if you are an extended family member caring for a child full time in the role of a substitute parent. The child must be living with you at present. You can also apply if you receive a notarized consent form from the child's parents.

Can multiple states make custody decisions?

You always wanted your child to see both parents. When you decided to have a little one, you didn't plan to get a divorce. Now that you have, you know that things will never be the same. You're living your own lives separately from one another, but you want your child to get as much time with his or her other parent as possible.

Teens: Divorces cause them to struggle, too

When your children are going through a divorce with you, they may appear like they can handle everything that's going on. This is especially true of teens. While you may believe your teen is mature enough to handle the divorce, there are some things you should keep in mind.

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