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Can the birds teach us about parenting after divorce?

If you're a parent, then you definitely know about the birds and the bees. And, you probably thought the usefulness of your knowledge ended with making babies. But there's more -- when we consider the birds, at least. The novel concept of "bird's nest" parenting has been an interesting approach to post-divorce co-parenting.

What's the best way to defend against a child relocation?

Your ex-spouse -- the mother of your child -- has received a new job offer outside of Florida, and now she wants to move away with your son or daughter. You said "no" to the request, but she is being insistent and has filed a legal petition to gain permission from the court for the move. Now, you need to get organized and prepare a defense against the petition.

Father loses right to parent his child in Florida ruling

Determining who the father of a child is becomes an important step for many reasons. Besides the obvious concern of knowing who the child's father is for parental responsibility, knowing your child's genetic background is important.

How can you adopt in Florida?

If you are eager to adopt, then you will want to know more about how adoption works in Florida. There are several different adoption agencies that include private and state agencies. Depending on the route you take toward adoption, you may wait months or years for placement.

Domestic partnership or marriage: Choosing the right relationship

If you are not married, then one type of relationship you should understand is called a domestic partnership. Domestic partnerships are similar to marriage and may apply to unmarried couples as well as those who are in same-sex relationships.

4 important factors in child custody cases

Florida's courts have a large amount of discretion when it comes to custody cases in Florida, which can be good or bad depending on the circumstances. There are many factors to consider in every case, including things like making sure the parents are of good moral standing and mentally healthy.

Know where you stand and get help with your divorce

There is no way to make a divorce emotionally easier on yourself other than to separate yourself from the people and things that may trigger emotions. However, there are many ways you can make a divorce easier in terms of the legal aspects of the case. From deciding on preferences for property division to setting up a parenting plan, being able to work with your spouse will help your divorce move more smoothly.

Fight for the spousal support you need after divorce

For many people, the idea of alimony isn't one they take lightly. Alimony awards essentially mean that there is no way to truly be free from your ex-spouse until the spousal support terms have been met. For people receiving alimony, the money is important, but so is peace of mind. Likewise, those who pay alimony may feel they're never able to be free of the other person or won't be for a long period of time.

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