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Which city in Florida has the highest divorce rate?

Every state has a so-called "divorce capital" where you can find the highest divorce rate. It's much higher in some states than others, but you can identify that peak everywhere. If you're wondering what the divorce capital of Florida is, look no further. It is Southgate.

Discussing college expenses during divorce

When you decide to get divorced, both you and your spouse agree that you want to put your children first. You know that they plan to attend college someday, and you want to help them financially. You would have done so while you were married and you still want to do it after the divorce.

Financial documents you need for your divorce

Divorce means making emotional, relationship-based decisions, but don't think that's all it is. Arguably a bigger part of the process is making financial decisions. You have to divide assets, make decisions about things like child support and alimony, anticipate what your financial future will look like, create a new budget and much more.

Is divorce a chance to become who you used to be?

When you got married, maybe you thought that the two of you could work together to blend your lives. Over the course of the marriage, though, you felt like you had to give up more and more. Eventually, most of the things you loved to do fell by the wayside.

What will happen to your standard of living after divorce?

You know that your standard of living is going to change after you get divorced. It's a big financial change, and that's not just in terms of what you have to spend during the divorce itself. Your income and expenses are going to change permanently after you split up. What is that going to look like on a daily basis? How is your standard of living going to change?

Can you modify divorce decisions?

When you get divorced, the court helps you make several critical decisions, leading to your divorce agreement. These decisions could include things like a child custody schedule, child support payments, alimony payments and the like.

Is gray divorce harder?

Gray divorce is a term often used to refer to people who end their marriages when they are 50 years old or older. The rate in the 1990s was about 10%, but it has risen over the years to about 25%. That's a very quick rise and shows that gray divorce is something people must be aware of.

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