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Factors contributing to the odds of divorce

You may have heard people talk about the rising divorce rate in the United States and the reasons that it has gone up. Researchers have looked at divorce rates all around the world, and they have found that they've risen in recent years in many places outside of the U.S.

Working your way through divorce fears

For many people, just the thought of divorce brings on a lot of fear and concern. You worry about what people will think. You worry about what life will look like when you're single. You worry about the stress of getting through the divorce process itself.

How many same-sex marriages have taken place?

Back in 2015, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) got repealed by the Supreme Court, meaning that same-sex marriage is now legal everywhere. Before, only a select few states had allowed it. This ruling opened the door for marriage everywhere since the states quickly fell in line with the ruling.

Deciding what you want in life helps you move past divorce

Many people struggle emotionally with divorce because they just do not know what they will do after the marriage ends. All they ever planned in life was to get married, buy a home, start a family -- all of the old cliches. When they see that coming to an end, they don't know how to address it.

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