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Divorce leads to investigation against husband in forgery case

Here's an interesting story about how a couple's divorce may affect Floridians. Thousands of people in Florida recognize the yearly holiday traditions that take place at the Hyatt Family Christmas. It takes place in Plantation every year in South Florida.

Rebuilding retirement is possible after a divorce

It's a possibility that getting a divorce could put your retirement at risk. Maybe you didn't have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in place to protect your retirement, or perhaps you really thought divorce would never be in the cards. The reality is that divorce can completely derail your plans for retirement, but you can rebuild those plans even as you age.

Approach your divorce as if it's a business arrangement

Divorces are emotionally charged, and it's normal for both parties to have periods of time when they cannot communicate well. However, it is in your best interests to do what you can to make this a peaceful separation if possible. If there is anger between you and your spouse, it will make things harder.

Can you take your ex back to court after a divorce is finalized?

After your divorce is final, there are few times when your now ex-spouse can take you back to court. The reality is that the majority of your problems have been settled, and in the eyes of the court, your situation is resolved.

Gray divorce and adult children: They suffer, too

Any time you're going through a major life change, the people around you will feel the effects. This is true even if your children are grown and you plan to get a divorce. While your divorce won't affect your children in regards to custody, it still has implications for your relationship in the future.

Modifying the divorce decree: What to expect

Usually, what happens when you settle a divorce is final once you receive your divorce decree. However, there are times when people look back and want to make amendments to divorce documents for good reason. Maybe you need to adjust for your children or you've found out that your ex-spouse hid assets during the divorce.

What should you know about divorce in Florida?

Divorces are all too common in Florida, but they aren't all the same. You may have factors that influence your case that others do not. For that reason, it's a good idea to work with a professional who can help you understand your rights and the divorce laws of the state.

Marriage failures: Why they don't last

Marriages fail for any number of reasons, but there are some that people just don't talk about. The University of Maryland has found that you have around a 50 percent chance of getting a divorce once you're married. The reasons for these divorces aren't all the same, but for some, they're problems that are often overlooked. Catching them early on could help some save their marriages.

Changing your name back to your premarital surname

When you decide to get a divorce in Florida, many things go through your mind. Something that people often want to do right away is to change their names back to what they were before they got married. This isn't always easy, especially if your name has been changed for many years.

Do you have to respond to the divorce petition?

When you or your spouse files for divorce, one of you will receive the divorce petition. You or your spouse will be served the documents and be required to respond to them. You'll have to respond within around 30 days or you lose the right to argue for your preferences to do with child custody or property division.

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