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Biological fathers get a win in Florida's courts

If you recall a previous post about a man who was intimate with a woman who became pregnant, gave birth and then refused to allow him to see the child due to her marriage and legitimacy laws in Florida, you'll be happy to see that the laws have now changed. In the past, laws allowed women who were married to keep a biological father out of the picture if he was not her husband. The child, to be "legitimate," would be the legal child of the woman's husband, even though he wasn't the biological parent and the biological parent may want to be involved in the child's life.

Parental alienation is a threat to a parent-child relationship

As a parent who has to spend time away from your child, you may fear that he or she will change his or her attitude toward you. In many cases, those fears are unfounded. However, there are times when children do seem to change and act out against one parent. Sometimes, this is due to parental alienation.

Is establishing paternity really that important?

When you found out that your ex-girlfriend was pregnant, you didn't think much of it. You hadn't been together long, so you didn't think the child was yours. Months later, you thought that you might be wrong. After all, the timing just might make sense. You decide you want to find out if you're the father of the child. This is a great choice and something you can do with an easy DNA test.

Sleep study shows couples separating due to poor sleep

For the second night in a row, you've left the bedroom to sleep somewhere else. Your spouse is hard to sleep with, and you're tired of not getting enough sleep of your own. Sometimes, couples have trouble in their lives because they simply can't get enough sleep. Trying to sleep together may result in rough nights and difficult days. This lack of sleep may also lead to problems in their marriages and eventual divorce.

Grandparents are in a difficult position in Florida

Grandparents are put into a difficult position when they're the mothers or fathers of divorcees. They may want to be involved in their grandchildren's lives, but with so much distance between the mother and father, it can be hard. Sometimes, the grandchildren end up with the estranged ex-spouse, making it even harder to see them regularly.

Post-divorce modifications are necessary in some cases

After you get a divorce, it's still possible to modify the divorce judgment in some cases. You or your ex-spouse may be able to file an appeal through an appeals court, although it's unlikely that a judge would overturn a previous judge's decisions. Sometimes, the judge will, though, given the right circumstances.

Do most stay-at-home parents need spousal support?

Spousal support is an integral part of some divorces. Imagine being a spouse who supported your spouse while he or she went to school, achieved new heights in his or her career and worked away from home. Maybe you were left to raise your family. As a stay-at-home parent, your skills in industry and your career went unused, making it harder for you to get back to work following a divorce.

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