Sarasota Divorce And Property Division Lawyer

Our firm provides experienced advice in divorce matters, both contested and uncontested. The Law Offices of Tinley M. Rudd, Esq, offers its clients candid and frank advice. We also offer that advice within the larger setting of what we call "Compassionate Advocacy."

Compassionate Advocacy in divorce cases means our firm's lawyer treats our clients like people, not just like technical legal problems. This means returning phone calls promptly and keeping our clients informed as to the status of their case.

We know our clients are often coming to us feeling uncertain and needing protection. Our entire office keeps this in mind when working with our clients. With our help and legal guidance, our firm's clients often find that they feel more empowered than ever with respect to their divorce issues.

Comprehensive Divorce Advice, Including Division Of Marital Debt And Assets

We counsel clients in every phase and aspect of divorce, including:

As an experienced firm, our knowledge comes from more than just law books. We understand how the law is actually practiced by the judges and opposing counsel we face every day. We bring that individualized knowledge to bear on every divorce case we accept.

Divorce Attorney Serving Sarasota Area: Division Of Marital Assets And Debt

We encourage potential clients to schedule an initial consultation with our firm's experienced divorce and property division attorney serving Sarasota, Florida, and its surrounding areas by calling us at 941-870-3977. You can also contact us online to make an appointment. All communications between our firm and any potential clients remain entirely confidential.