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Sarasota Probate Attorney Handling Formal And Summary Administration

The Florida probate process can be complicated for estates large and small. If you need advice and guidance regarding probate administration and other matters, the Law Offices of Tinley M. Rudd, Esq., is here to help.

Our founding Attorney Tinley M. Rudd is familiar with the courts and handles probate proceedings for clients throughout the Sarasota area. To discuss your goals and concerns, please call us at 941-870-3977 or complete our contact form. We handle formal probate administration and summary probate administration.

What Is Summary Probate Administration?

In Florida, some estates qualify for summary probate administration, which tend to be less costly and less complicated than formal probate proceedings. To qualify for summary probate administration, at least one of two conditions must be met:

  • The deceased has been dead for two years or longer
  • The value of the estate is less than $75,000

Note: If the decedent’s will requires formal probate proceedings, then summary probate administration is not an option even if the above conditions are met.

Showing That The Estate Qualifies For Summary Administration

Qualifying for summary probate administration requires the completion of several steps. At the Law Offices of Tinley M. Rudd, Esq., we can help you determine whether you qualify, and we can guide and represent you throughout the process.

The first step is to file a petition, which must present a number of items:

  • A list of assets
  • A valuation of assets
  • Any information regarding outstanding debts
  • The facts showing that the estate qualifies for summary probate administration

We can help you gather all of the relevant documentation, as well as file a petition with the court, whether you need to file for summary probate administration or formal probate administration.

It’s true that summary probate is simpler than formal probate, but that does not mean the process is easy. You should have an experienced probate attorney on your side to help you every step of the way — so the administration of the estate is handled appropriately and efficiently from start to finish.

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