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Could divorce make your children better parents?

Your children may be young right now, but aren't you always thinking about their future? You're trying to figure out what you can do to give them as many advantages as possible.

One aspect of this is to consider what examples you're setting for them. They are going to become parents one day. They're learning how to do it from you, even if you don't think about it and neither do they. They're absorbing what they see.

Do separate bank accounts help in divorce?

Do you assume that people who get married start up a joint bank account? While most people do, the number who do not share one account is higher than ever. Among millennials, for instance, a full 28% still have their own personal accounts after tying the knot.

One reason that they often cite is the likelihood of divorce. They feel like, should they end the marriage, keeping the money in their own accounts means they will not have to split it with their partner. But does it really help?

Understanding legal custody interference

When most people think of child custody interference, they think about interference with the physical custody of the child. It could be something like refusing to exchange custody even though the schedule says they need to do so. It could mean taking the child out of state on a vacation without permission.

These things do happen, and you absolutely need to know what rights you have if they happen to you. However, remember that custody interference could also revolve around legal custody, which is a different thing entirely.

Requesting a child support modification in Florida

When the state of Florida calculates how much you need to pay, or conversely, how much you should receive, in child support, it does so after assessing several factors. Generally, the court system will consider how much money you and your child’s other parent make. Also, it will typically take into account the financial needs of your child regarding basic living, health care and so on.

Over time, you or your ex may find that your financial or familial situations change and that the figure determined when your child support order initially took effect would no longer apply today. Under these circumstances, you or your ex may be able to request a child support modification.

Which city in Florida has the highest divorce rate?

Every state has a so-called "divorce capital" where you can find the highest divorce rate. It's much higher in some states than others, but you can identify that peak everywhere. If you're wondering what the divorce capital of Florida is, look no further. It is Southgate.

In Southgate, the divorced portion of the population sits at 22.3%. The married population comes in at just 43.8%, while 24.5% of people in the city have never been married at all. In an effort to look at why these divorces happen so often, researchers also found that the median household income for the area is $48,508. They note that this information is important because of the link between financial issues and divorce.

Discussing college expenses during divorce

When you decide to get divorced, both you and your spouse agree that you want to put your children first. You know that they plan to attend college someday, and you want to help them financially. You would have done so while you were married and you still want to do it after the divorce.

If this is your stance, one of the most important things you can do is to talk to your ex and set up an official plan as part of the divorce agreement. Having it in writing helps ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Tips to help divorced parents to bond with kids

You know that divorce is not the end of your relationship with your children. You still get to see them half of the time. The other half of the time, they live with your ex.

What worries you, though, is that you do not get to see them as often as you'd like. You fear the relationship may weaken over time. If so, here are some tips to help you bond with your kids, making the most of the time that you do have:

  • Give them time and attention. Don't just "watch" them. Engage with them. Show them that they are important to you and that you care about their lives.
  • Remember the value of physical interactions. Some experts advise trying to hug children a dozen times every day.
  • Stay off of your phone. Turn off the TV. There is a place for both, but make sure that some of the time you spend with your kids is technology-free.
  • If you have multiple kids, try to give each one some time alone with you. This one-on-one time gives them a chance to interact with you in a new way.
  • Listen to your children. Again, you want to show them that they matter. You do not want every conversation to simply be you telling them what they need to do.
  • Slow down. Appreciate the time you do spend together. Try to be positive and get the most out of every hour, rather than lamenting that you do not have more.

Expert claims social media leads to infidelity and divorce

Does social media use end marriages? Some experts certainly believe it can. And the problem is not just phone addiction or one person spending far more time on social media than they actually spend with their partner.

One expert said that the issue, in his experience, is that "infidelity is so easy now." Social media allows people to secretly communicate with anyone, including people with whom they may start up affairs. They then use social media to maintain or coordinate these affairs.

3 tips for divorcing during the holidays

As the year comes to a close, so may your marriage. Many people choose to divorce after the holiday months to avoid sullying holiday cheer or in the hopes that things will work out.

You may not be able to wait until then for whatever reason, but you may also worry about how the proceedings affect the holiday season. You can still navigate through the holidays amid divorce by following these three tips:

With adoption, carefully consider exactly what you want

If you're thinking about adoption, take the time to slow the process down and really consider what you want, why you want it and what you expect out of the process.

For instance, maybe you struggle with fertility and you really want to be a parent. You see adoption as a way to make that dream come true.

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