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Can I get a divorce while a protective order is in effect?

It is a rare situation to encounter a divorce that is without stress, conflict or hard feelings. This is especially true if domestic violence is a factor. If you are the victim of emotional or physical abuse, you may already know that your spouse can make it extremely difficult to leave. You and other Florida residents who are victims of abuse may need to obtain a protective order before starting the divorce process.

Should parents create a parenting plan together?

It's the current Floridian policy to make sure that children maintain contact between both parents after the parents separate or get a divorce. Parents are encouraged to work together to make this happen and to continue to raise their child in an amicable manner. It's in the child's best interests, in most cases, to have continuing contact with his or her parents.

Post-divorce modifications are necessary in some cases

After you get a divorce, it's still possible to modify the divorce judgment in some cases. You or your ex-spouse may be able to file an appeal through an appeals court, although it's unlikely that a judge would overturn a previous judge's decisions. Sometimes, the judge will, though, given the right circumstances.

Divorcing in Florida: No fault required

You thought long and hard about your options, but in the end, you've decided that a divorce is the right choice for your situation. You and many others have made the same decisions, but there are still some things to think about before you can move forward.

What can you do if your ex-spouse won't follow court orders?

If your ex-husband or wife is not complying with custody orders, there is a cause for concern. Instead of waiting to see what happens, you can turn to the court and file a motion for civil contempt and enforcement. When you file this document, you need to show what the other party failed to do and then have that claim notarized. Your attorney can help you prepare the motion for civil contempt and enforcement, so it's filled out appropriately.

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