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Methods spouses use to hide property

When you first entered into your marriage, you probably had nothing but trust in your partner, but regrettably, relationships often change over time. If you count yourself among the many people across Florida who are currently navigating their way through divorce, you may distrust your partner more than ever, and you may have just cause in doing so.

Modifying the divorce decree: What to expect

Usually, what happens when you settle a divorce is final once you receive your divorce decree. However, there are times when people look back and want to make amendments to divorce documents for good reason. Maybe you need to adjust for your children or you've found out that your ex-spouse hid assets during the divorce.

Serving a spouse for divorce isn't always easy

Divorces aren't always easy. There is a step during which the other party has to be served with the divorce documents. If you're still in touch, that's not very difficult. However, if you were in an abusive relationship or no longer know where your spouse is, it's nearly impossible to serve the documents.

Avoid these mistakes with your kids during divorce

Divorced parents could make many mistakes when raising their children, but it's important to do what you can to prevent some of the most significant. For example, if you have older children, you may feel you can lean on them during your divorce. The reality is that doing so could hurt your children and is a bad idea. You don't ever want to suggest taking sides or making a child feel he or she is burdened with taking care of your or your spouse.

Is establishing paternity really that important?

When you found out that your ex-girlfriend was pregnant, you didn't think much of it. You hadn't been together long, so you didn't think the child was yours. Months later, you thought that you might be wrong. After all, the timing just might make sense. You decide you want to find out if you're the father of the child. This is a great choice and something you can do with an easy DNA test.

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