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Can you take your ex back to court after a divorce is finalized?

After your divorce is final, there are few times when your now ex-spouse can take you back to court. The reality is that the majority of your problems have been settled, and in the eyes of the court, your situation is resolved.

Am I a Disneyland dad?

Your kids recently returned to their mother’s house after a long visitation with you, during which you took them to a theme park and had other fun adventures. Your ex-wife was upset and accused you of being a “Disneyland dad.” What exactly is this term, and how can you avoid being a Disneyland dad – or more accurately for Florida, a Disney World dad?

Parental alienation is a threat to a parent-child relationship

As a parent who has to spend time away from your child, you may fear that he or she will change his or her attitude toward you. In many cases, those fears are unfounded. However, there are times when children do seem to change and act out against one parent. Sometimes, this is due to parental alienation.

What happens when you divorce with children?

Any time two people divorce but have children, the children have to come first. In a divorce, nothing is as important as determining child custody. It's necessary to decide where the child or children will live, who will take care of the child and when and how to support the child in those circumstances.

Gray divorce and adult children: They suffer, too

Any time you're going through a major life change, the people around you will feel the effects. This is true even if your children are grown and you plan to get a divorce. While your divorce won't affect your children in regards to custody, it still has implications for your relationship in the future.

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