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Do not neglect these assets in your divorce

When you are getting a divorce, you are most likely concerned with the most obvious assets, such as the house, vehicles, investment and retirement accounts and business interests. While valuing and dividing these marital assets is crucial, there are plenty of other assets that you should not forget to include in the settlement. 

Why does education impact divorce?

You have probably heard that education has an impact on divorce, making it more or less likely. Specifically, studies have found that people with a higher level of education -- college graduates -- tend to get divorced less often than those who do not finish college or who never attend.

Divorcing parents: Maintain a strong relationship with your kids

One of the most important considerations in a Florida child custody suit relates to which parent served as the primary caretaker during marriage. This is the parent who will hold more weight in the litigation process, and, ultimately, the court will probably side with this parent when it comes time to render a decision. Some parents may have two primary caretakers and the court might award joint physical custody. Other parents could have one parent who clearly provided for the majority of the children's daily care needs.

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