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Man receives custody of daughter after 2 sons killed in crash

There are many reasons why custody arrangements could change, and you should know that if a parent behaves poorly or negligently, it's possible for that parent to lose custody of his or her children. That's what may be happening in this case.

Four types of alimony that you could be awarded in divorce

When you're working through your equitable distribution one factor that may come up is the possibility for alimony. To obtain alimony, a spouse has to show that he or she needs the alimony to support his or her lifestyle as it is presently. Alimony may also be used as a type of reimbursement for a person who has missed time in the workforce or who needs support while going back to school.

The facts of using an Amber Alert

If your child goes missing after a visitation arrangement, the last thing that you want to think of is that your child could be the victim of parental kidnapping. If you think this is what happened to you, one of the things that the government and local authorities can do for you is to issue an Amber Alert.

Amber Alert cancelled after children found safe in Georgia

When you're in an uneasy relationship with your child's other parent, the idea of that parent coming to pick up your child and taking him or her away can be terrifying. You might worry that your child won't be returned to you or that you'll need to make exceptions to have him or her returned to you on time and in good health.

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