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Fighting for custody: Moms may need to fight harder today

Custody is a serious concern for parents who go through a separation or divorce. With traditional roles shifting, there is a concern, particularly among mothers, that it will be harder for them to obtain custody. Women are increasingly likely to have to choose between a career or spending more time with their children. Depending on the way the home was during the marriage, that can lead to mothers who are breadwinners fighting for custody against fathers who were stay-at-home parents. The role reversal is something some women aren't prepared for.

Support is necessary during any divorce

When you get a divorce in Florida, it's called a dissolution of marriage. A dissolution of marriage does not require a fault. That means that you can get a divorce at any time as long as you meet the current requirements within the state. For example, you'll need to show that either you or your spouse have lived as residents in Florida for six months at the time of filing.

Stepparents may be able to adopt their partners' children

When you're a stepparent, one of the things you might be interested in doing is adopting your partner's child. While this isn't always possible, it may be in the case that the child doesn't have a father or mother or in the case that the other parent is willing to give up his or her legal rights. The noncustodial parent, if he or she is alive, must consent to the adoption if he or she still has legal rights to the child.

How can you make the most of interstate custody arrangements?

Interstate custody arrangements are complicated, but they aren't impossible. As a parent who wants to live in another state but who also only has visitation rights, you want to be sure you can be with your child as much as possible. If you move away, you think you may not get the time you've been awarded.

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