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Alimony concerns: The basics of an age-old system

Whether you're looking to gain alimony or may be the one to pay it, it's important that you know the purpose it has. Alimony is designed to help a lower-earning spouse or a spouse who is not working be financially stable following a divorce. It's paid by the higher-earning spouse and is meant to give the other a boost in income until he or she is remarried or can support oneself.

Donative intent case reaches Florida Supreme Court

If you have a prenuptial agreement, you probably think that your assets are completely safe. That may not be the case in Florida, though, as a recent case has shown. In the case, one woman argued that her ex-husband's properties should not be considered to be separate property, even though the prenuptial agreement states that they are.

How can you help children with a divorce?

In a divorce, you have many things to think about. If you have children, the main thought on your mind might be how to talk to your children about the impending divorce. How can you explain what's happening, especially if you have children of different ages?

Ways for non-custodial parents to build relationships with kids

If you find yourself without custody of your kids at the end of your divorce, you may deal with a constant struggle to build and keep relationships with them. When you only see them a few times a week or on the weekends, it is difficult to stay up to date on their everyday activities.

Florida ranks high for stress related to divorce

Florida is a beautiful state with lots to offer. It has coastal areas, forests, swamps and lakes. It has many outdoor activities and theme parks families flock to. Despite all there is to enjoy, Florida has an extremely high divorce rate. That high divorce rate has helped rank Florida as one of the most stressed-out states in the United States.

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