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What should happen if you are divorcing with an adopted child?

You and your spouse adopted a child assuming that you would be married for a long time or perhaps for the rest of your lives. Now, you are seeking a divorce and have to decide how to move forward with the best interests of your child in mind.

There are options when you're dealing with a contentious divorce

Even though you tried to maintain your cool, calm and collected mannerisms during your divorce, it's likely that some parts of it still have been heated. Even if you were able to maintain your calm, your spouse may not have been so accommodating. It's not uncommon for a divorce to be fraught with emotion; these are tense situations in which at least one party is going to feel slighted, angry, depressed or be suffering from a range of other emotions.

Here's what kids want you to do for the holidays after a divorce

If you asked your child what he wanted for the holidays after a divorce, what do you think he would say? Maybe your child would point out that he doesn't like when you fight with your ex-husband or wife, or perhaps he would point out that he wants to know his schedule. Here are a few things kids have pointed out as important factors during the holidays after a divorce.

Ways to deal with New Year's Eve during a divorce

Getting a divorce can be a tiring, difficult experience. If you're in the process of a divorce when New Year's Eve rolls around, that can be hard as well. Your friends might want to go out and party, but you, newly single yet still married legally, are in a rough spot. You won't likely head to any parties with your ex, so what can you do to get through the celebrations in good spirits?

How to be financially prepared for divorce

Divorce can be devastating on your emotions, your family and your bank account. While many have cited the dissolution of their marriage as the reason for financial despair, this does not have to be the case. Following a few simple steps to prepare while you are still married can mean smoother proceedings and an easier transition into single life once the decision is final. Here are some things to do to be financially ready for divorce.

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