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Determining custody: Understanding Florida law

Child custody arrangements are an important step to complete for the safety and health of your child after divorce. You want to dictate who has your child when and be able to describe your time sharing and responsibilities clearly. Doing this now makes it easier if you need to dispute a problem in the future.

Grandparents are in a difficult position in Florida

Grandparents are put into a difficult position when they're the mothers or fathers of divorcees. They may want to be involved in their grandchildren's lives, but with so much distance between the mother and father, it can be hard. Sometimes, the grandchildren end up with the estranged ex-spouse, making it even harder to see them regularly.

Focusing on your kids during divorce reduces tension

Your children watch what you do all the time. They may even mimic your actions or the actions of their other parent. Now that you're going through a divorce, you're concerned about this. You want to make sure that your child isn't scarred by this chance in circumstances.

Changing your name back to your premarital surname

When you decide to get a divorce in Florida, many things go through your mind. Something that people often want to do right away is to change their names back to what they were before they got married. This isn't always easy, especially if your name has been changed for many years.

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