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4 important factors in child custody cases

Florida's courts have a large amount of discretion when it comes to custody cases in Florida, which can be good or bad depending on the circumstances. There are many factors to consider in every case, including things like making sure the parents are of good moral standing and mentally healthy.

What should you do if your ex sabotages your parenting plan?

One problem that sometimes comes between divorced parents who have children is that one parent feels that the other is not being fair. They may feel the other parent is trying to sabotage the parenting plan in some way, too.

Know where you stand and get help with your divorce

There is no way to make a divorce emotionally easier on yourself other than to separate yourself from the people and things that may trigger emotions. However, there are many ways you can make a divorce easier in terms of the legal aspects of the case. From deciding on preferences for property division to setting up a parenting plan, being able to work with your spouse will help your divorce move more smoothly.

Rebuilding retirement is possible after a divorce

It's a possibility that getting a divorce could put your retirement at risk. Maybe you didn't have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in place to protect your retirement, or perhaps you really thought divorce would never be in the cards. The reality is that divorce can completely derail your plans for retirement, but you can rebuild those plans even as you age.

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