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Why your friend's divorce outcome may not necessarily be yours

Some people are hesitant to divorce because of bad things that happened to their friend who divorced. Similarly, some people may go into a divorce overconfident or with erroneous assumptions because of how "well" their friend came out in their own proceeding last year.

Do most stay-at-home parents need spousal support?

Spousal support is an integral part of some divorces. Imagine being a spouse who supported your spouse while he or she went to school, achieved new heights in his or her career and worked away from home. Maybe you were left to raise your family. As a stay-at-home parent, your skills in industry and your career went unused, making it harder for you to get back to work following a divorce.

Co-parenting efforts make their way through the states

If you're a father, one of the things you may worry about is if you will get a fair share of time with your child following a divorce. In the past, there were laws that helped women get more time with their children, but that isn't the case today.

Divorce's tragedy and the loss you feel

It is hard to deal with a divorce. You may not have known your spouse felt so negatively about your marriage, or you may have been committed to making it work out when he or she just didn't want to any longer. Whatever your situation is, the truth remains that it's difficult to deal with and extremely frustrating.

Spousal abuse: not just a problem for women

When it comes to domestic violence, women and children are most often the ones who are affected. However, women can also abuse their partners physically and emotionally. The issue of domestic violence against men is not as widely discussed in Florida and elsewhere, but that does not mean it is any less grave of a problem.

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