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The 2 most popular months for divorce: August and March

If you've recently filed for a divorce, you might be interested to know that you're following a documented trend of Americans. Studies have found that more people get divorce in March and August than at any other time. Typically, divorce filings rise following the winter and summer holidays.

Annulments: When they can be used

Marriages don't always last, and some aren't even legal in Florida. For example, you can't marry a first cousin, sister or brother, your mother or your father, just to name a few. In Florida, annulment is a possibility in some cases when you no longer want to stay married or have married illegally. There are several ways to end your marriage, from legal separation to divorce, so deciding on the best one for your situation is important.

What you need for a parenting plan in Florida

When you're getting a divorce, a parenting plan is necessary whenever a child is involved. It doesn't matter if time-sharing is in dispute or not; this is something the court requires. Both parents must develop and present the plan to the court. The court must then approve it; it may not approve a plan that is unfair to one parent over the other when it's uncalled for, unless each party can explain the reasoning behind the plan they decide on.

What is an open adoption?

Is an open adoption something you've been thinking about? There are pros and cons to that decision. Before you decide on the right path, make sure you understand the legal implications of both.

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