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Am I paying too much in spousal support?

Perhaps a judge ordered you to pay an amount of spousal support that you thought was excessive from the start, or your circumstances have changed enough that the amount of spousal support you agreed to pay seems excessive now. It could also be that something has changed on your ex's side.

The right custody arrangements support everyone's schedules

A divorce is hard on everyone, but it's particularly difficult for children. As parents who want to share custody, you want to make sure you get enough time with your children while still attending to their needs and their schedules.

Do you have to respond to the divorce petition?

When you or your spouse files for divorce, one of you will receive the divorce petition. You or your spouse will be served the documents and be required to respond to them. You'll have to respond within around 30 days or you lose the right to argue for your preferences to do with child custody or property division.

When can you seek custody modifications?

When you're raising your child, there are times when it can become overwhelming. Maybe you change jobs or you end up in a situation where your child doesn't have the life you want him or her to have. If during a divorce you decide to allow the other parent to obtain greater custody rights because of your current life choices or position, that doesn't mean you never have a right to seek more time with your child.

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