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This is how to prepare for your child custody hearing

It's normal to feel jittery and nervous before a child custody hearing. There are a few things you can do, however, to calm your nerves -- such as getting as prepared as possible before your trial. Here are some tips that we give to our clients before their child custody hearings so that they're as fully prepared as possible:

4 reasons why the holidays can be a marital breaking point

While the holiday season may be a time full of joy for some people, it may be a time of increased stress for others. If a couple is already experiencing tension, the holiday season can be the last straw that leads to a divorce. In fact, there is often a spike in divorce filings after the holidays.

Drug abuse destroys marriages: Here's why

Drug abuse can create a problem for your marriage -- and, if you know what's good for you, it will probably bring your marriage to an end. Nevertheless, it takes time for spouses to realize that the addicted spouse isn't going to change. Yes, miracles do happen, but unless the addicted spouse has the strength to overcome the addiction, things are going to remain miserable for the sober spouse until he or she decides that enough is enough.

A custody modification could help you see your kids more often

Child custody disputes are some of the most complicated proceedings because they're not something that can be resolved without hurting someone involved. Whether it's a child who hears their parents argue or parents who feel slighted, it's normal for someone to feel they're getting less than they're entitled to.

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