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February 2017 Archives

You should remove your name from joint credit cards in divorce

You want to get a divorce, but there's a looming question above your head: What do you do with all the debt that's been accrued? This is particularly important to discuss with your spouse and attorney, especially if that debt is one-sided.

Alimony: Getting the award right for divorcing couples

Alimony may be a point of contention in your divorce, or you may have decided as a couple that either you or your spouse deserves it. Alimony comes in many forms, so it's important to seek out and have awarded the correct type for your situation.

How to modify your parenting plan

The judge's declaration that your divorce is finalized may come as a relief after months of dispute and negotiating, but there may still be aspects of your case that need periodic modification. One of those is your custody arrangement if you have children. This can happen due to serious changes in your life or a realization that your parenting plan is not working as well as you hoped. Florida state courts detail how this is to be done.

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