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Signs of parental alienation syndrome

There is a growing population of children and parents who have become estranged or alienated from each other due to the actions and behaviors of another parent. This phenomenon, called parental alienation syndrome, results in some long-term consequences for the alienated parent and the child caught in the middle.

Is divorce always bad for the kids?

Divorce experts often say that parents need to put the kids first. This is, in part, why you hear parents talk about staying together for the kids. Once they have children together, they assume they can't split up. They think that it is always going to be a negative for the kids. Is that true?

Tips for getting the most out of your time with the kids

You know that the time you spend with your children is important. You know that studies have linked it to behavior patterns, academic performance and things of this nature. After your divorce, you also know that you will have less time with the kids than you did before, so you want to make the most out of it.

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