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Handling divorce: A business decision to handle with grace

Going through a divorce is hard no matter who you are, but for women, it can take extra strength just to get through the process. Many women who turn to their attorneys worry that they won't be financially stable after a divorce. Fortunately, women who take time to work with an attorney and to detail their expenses and assets have a better chance of coming out with a stable financial outlook.

Grandparent alienation can cause trouble among famillies

Though grandparents don't have all the same rights as parents when it comes to custody, losing the right to see their grandchildren can be a devastating effect of divorce. It's particularly common for the grandparents on the noncustodial side of the family to see their grandchildren less; there is less time for them to share with the children, and if the estranged spouse of their son or daughter doesn't want them to have time, it's easy not to allow for any extra visitation.

You may get approval to move with kids after a divorce

After a divorce, you may wish to relocate with your children. It may be difficult to do that, depending on your specific case. While society is becoming more mobile, it can be hard to convince a judge to allow you to move across the country or out of the country, because it would affect the other parent's relationship with the children significantly.

Woman fights for custody after being considered egg donor

If you and your partner decide to have a child with a third donor, you may believe that your child will still be considered yours in divorce. The problem is that certain laws restrict the parental rights of donors. If you donate an egg, for instance, to your spouse and have it implanted using another donor's sperm, it could be argued that the only true parent of the child with legal rights is the person who gives birth.

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