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Is divorce a chance to become who you used to be?

When you got married, maybe you thought that the two of you could work together to blend your lives. Over the course of the marriage, though, you felt like you had to give up more and more. Eventually, most of the things you loved to do fell by the wayside.

What happens to home equity when you divorce?

When you and your spouse make the difficult decision to divorce, you will undoubtedly need to figure out how to divide up your shared assets. Often, the most valuable asset a married couple shares is a home. Thus, figuring out what you and your ex are going to do with any equity amassed in your home throughout the marriage is an important step in the process of asset division. You can use several different tactics to divide any home equity you may have.

What will happen to your standard of living after divorce?

You know that your standard of living is going to change after you get divorced. It's a big financial change, and that's not just in terms of what you have to spend during the divorce itself. Your income and expenses are going to change permanently after you split up. What is that going to look like on a daily basis? How is your standard of living going to change?

1 out of 3 kids lives with an unmarried parent

If you are not an unmarried parent yourself, odds are very good that you know someone who is. A lot of children live with one or more unmarried parents. In some cases, this is because the children were born outside of a serious relationship; in others, it just means that the parents live together and are in a committed relationship, but they have not decided to get officially married.

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