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Is divorce a chance to become who you used to be?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | divorce

When you got married, maybe you thought that the two of you could work together to blend your lives. Over the course of the marriage, though, you felt like you had to give up more and more. Eventually, most of the things you loved to do fell by the wayside.

If you find yourself facing divorce, and you’re trying to find a positive outlook — we know it can feel tough at times — this is one thing that divorce experts suggest you keep in mind. Think of the split as a chance to become who you used to be once again.

For example, maybe you loved to travel and run marathons. After getting married, you felt like you needed a steady paycheck, so you got a job that severely limited your ability to travel. At the same time, your spouse complained that all of the marathon training just took up too much time, so you had to leave the sport behind.

Ending your relationship may free you up to pursue these things again. You have more control over your time. Even if you have children and you share custody, it changes your life. Many parents find it hard to suddenly be away from their kids, but using your “off” days to get back into your hobbies and passions may make the whole thing a lot easier than you thought it could be.

As you work through the realities of your divorce, both mentally and emotionally, make sure you also take the time to consider the practical changes and the legal steps you need to take.