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Helping children adjust well to divorce

As you consider divorce, you know that it's the right option for you and your spouse, but you worry about the impact on the children. This relationship isn't just about the two of you as a couple anymore. You don't want to do something that harms your children.

3 signs of possible parental alienation

Every parent realizes that kids often go through phases. While it can be difficult to identify the cause of a child’s disrespectful or hurtful behavior, a co-parent should not be the source. Sometimes, though, divorced parents intentionally or inadvertently engage in parental alienation. This occurs when one parent tries to destroy the other parent’s relationship with the kids. 

Child custody considerations and factors

If you're heading into a child custody case, you know that the court looks at a lot of different factors to determine how to assign custody rights. But do you know what those factors are? Understanding what the court looks for can help you move forward and strive to protect your time with the children.

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