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3 things you should know about child support in Florida

Divorce in Florida encompasses a wide range of considerations, from property and asset division to child custody and child support. It is important that you consult with your divorce attorney for all the specifics regarding your particular divorce case.

What should you know about divorce in Florida?

Divorces are all too common in Florida, but they aren't all the same. You may have factors that influence your case that others do not. For that reason, it's a good idea to work with a professional who can help you understand your rights and the divorce laws of the state.

Sleep study shows couples separating due to poor sleep

For the second night in a row, you've left the bedroom to sleep somewhere else. Your spouse is hard to sleep with, and you're tired of not getting enough sleep of your own. Sometimes, couples have trouble in their lives because they simply can't get enough sleep. Trying to sleep together may result in rough nights and difficult days. This lack of sleep may also lead to problems in their marriages and eventual divorce.

Relocation: You have rights if you want to relocate

When a parent needs to relocate but has a child with his or her ex-spouse, it can make it hard to do so without changing custody arrangements. That doesn't always go well, depending on the concerns of the other parent. No parent has a right to take a child to a new home or location without consent, unless there is a release from the court.

Marriage failures: Why they don't last

Marriages fail for any number of reasons, but there are some that people just don't talk about. The University of Maryland has found that you have around a 50 percent chance of getting a divorce once you're married. The reasons for these divorces aren't all the same, but for some, they're problems that are often overlooked. Catching them early on could help some save their marriages.

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