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Deciding what you want in life helps you move past divorce

Many people struggle emotionally with divorce because they just do not know what they will do after the marriage ends. All they ever planned in life was to get married, buy a home, start a family -- all of the old cliches. When they see that coming to an end, they don't know how to address it.

Can your spouse hide cryptocurrency?

Recent reports indicate that roughly five percent of people in the United States bought cryptocurrency and still control those assets. While there is not the wild frenzy that there was when prices soared in 2017, people still do buy and sell this digital currency, often as an investment.

Is your spouse hiding assets during the divorce?

When you are getting a divorce, your finances and assets are some of your core concerns. You may even have worries about your spouse concealing or devaluing assets before and during the process. Some spouses take advantage of their partners during a divorce, so it is crucial to keep an eye out for any warning signs this is occurring in your situation. 

Should your child custody plan offer extended summer vacation?

While many child custody schedules simply split the time up equally between both parents -- the kids spend every other week at a different parent's house, for instance -- it is sometimes important to think outside of the box and consider more creative ways to set up the schedule.

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