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Child custody battles are all too common

If you go through a divorce, if you have at least one child with your former spouse, you know that questions of child custody could move to the forefront. In a perfect world, you and the other parent will be able to work out a child custody and parenting agreement that suits everyone involved. Most importantly, this should work in the favor of your child, as you don't want to put him or her through additional stress.

Parental time-sharing set to change in Florida

A new Florida family law statute, Senate Bill 668, is set to make a major change to Florida parental time-sharing after divorce. The new law, which will take effect October 1 if signed by the governor, will include a presumption that both parents should have more or less equal time-sharing with minor children.

The many matters of divorce

On a personal level, there is nothing simple about the divorce process. You are splitting from a person you once fell in love with, and there is nothing more difficult than making such a big decision.

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