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Fostering and adopting has benefits in Florida

There are dozens of reasons to want to adopt a child. Whether you're eager to expand your family or just want to give a child a chance at a stable home life, adoption benefits everyone involved. Legally, there are several benefits to adopting in Florida.

Warning signs your spouse is hiding assets during divorce

While financial secrecy is often cause for trouble during marriage, it can be even more problematic when divorce is imminent, especially when there is valuable personal property or the couple has numerous bank and retirement accounts. If you are drawing up papers and are concerned about the potential for shady practices regarding your marital property, be aware of these common tactics used to hide assets.

There are laws to protect children of relocating parents

Parents sometimes worry when they share custody but find that the other parent wants to move. For some, there's a very real risk that the other parent could try to flee with the child or move away unexpectedly. There are laws in place to help if this happens.

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