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Alimony a major point of legislation in 2017

by | Mar 16, 2017 | divorce

One thing that doesn’t change in Florida is the constant goal of changing how alimony is handled. It’s nearly always being argued in the House and Senate, and it will be again in 2017.

According to a March 5 report, there are two companion bills that have been filed in the Senate and House. These bills hope to change the state’s alimony laws to make the standards more difficult to meet. This is not the first time these changes have been attempted, and they have failed each time in the past.

So, what is the alimony fight really over? Some former spouses believe that the permanent alimony they’re ordered to pay is not fair. On the other hand, their exes claim that they struggle now due to staying home to raise their children or for other reasons, and that means it’s harder to reenter the workforce.

Even if changes are made, there’s a chance those changes won’t be retroactive. However, some believe they should be. The argument for not allowing retroactive application of any new bills is to make sure those who chose permanent alimony over other equitable distribution options don’t end up losing out on their settlements.

Those who want permanent alimony to be abolished think that those who receive alimony need to take responsibility and start to earn a living; they believe permanent alimony is outdated in 2017. Previously, the governor of Florida refused to sign an alimony law that would have taken affect retroactively.

If changes do take place, they could affect your divorce. It’s important to understand how these changes play a role in your equitable distribution negotiations. Your attorney has more information.

Source: Florida Politics, “2017 Legislative Session preview: Alimony rears its head,” Jim Rosica, March 05, 2017