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Compassionate advocacy in parental relocations matters

There is usually a sense of relief on the part of both spouses once the ink finally dries on their divorce decree. That's because even though either side may not be completely satisfied with how things turned out, they are nevertheless finally free to put the past behind them and embark on a new chapter of their life.

Florida lawmakers pushing for major alimony overhaul

In our last post, we discussed how state lawmakers recently sent a measure calling for shared parenting to Governor Rick Scott. To recap, this measure would mandate that judges start with the presumption or "premise" that children should split their time 50-50 with each parent in custody cases and adjust accordingly after consideration of 15 different factors.

Is Florida going to be the next state with a shared parenting law?

When it comes to establishing child custody, the arrangement with which people are most likely familiar is one in which the mother is awarded primary physical custody -- meaning the child will live with her the majority of the time -- and the father is awarded visitation rights -- meaning time with the children on weekends, holidays and other predetermined times.

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