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Fostering and adopting has benefits in Florida

by | Mar 24, 2017 | family law

There are dozens of reasons to want to adopt a child. Whether you’re eager to expand your family or just want to give a child a chance at a stable home life, adoption benefits everyone involved. Legally, there are several benefits to adopting in Florida.

In Florida, children who are adopted are eligible for free tuition at any Florida State University. Your child may also choose to attend a vocational school or community college in the state for free until he or she is 28 years old. Some private schools also provide free tuition to those who have been adopted in the state, so it’s worth asking when it’s time for your child to head to college.

Adoptions are affordable in Florida, too. While private adoptions cost $30,000 or more, fostering or adopting can be close to free when you adopt through the state. You may need to attend parenting classes and home studies, but even those, court costs and other fees may be paid for by the agency if you can’t afford them. The goal is to find a child a stable home, not to weigh you down with extra expenses.

Another great benefit is the Federal Adoption Tax Credit. This credit is $13,400 per child for adoptions that were finalized in the year 2015. This isn’t a refundable credit, but if you owe taxes, it cuts down how much you owe significantly to help balance the costs associated with adoption.

There are many benefits open to you that your attorney can advise you on when you’re ready to adopt. These are just a few you may want to consider.

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