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4 reasons why the holidays can be a marital breaking point

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2018 | Firm News

While the holiday season may be a time full of joy for some people, it may be a time of increased stress for others. If a couple is already experiencing tension, the holiday season can be the last straw that leads to a divorce. In fact, there is often a spike in divorce filings after the holidays.

But why does this happy time of year exacerbate marital struggles? Here are some reasons why the winter holidays can be a breaking point for some couples.

1. Financial strain

Finances are always a huge deal in marriages. If a couple is struggling to make ends meet or does not see eye-to-eye on spending and saving, the relationship can break apart. All the extra pressure of spending money on gifts, decorations and travel can put couples over the edge.

2. Overwhelming daily life

It is no secret that the winter holiday season is full of many tasks. When the to-do lists start piling up, some people may feel resentful about all the responsibilities. When the bulk of tasks fall into the hands of a single spouse, she or he may decide it is time to end things. Taking care of planning, shopping, preparing food and wrapping gifts can take a toll on a marriage.

3. Problematic family relationships

Not all holiday parties are stress-free. In fact, they can be nightmarish for some families. If strained relationships with in-laws exist, this can cause even more issues between spouses. What should be a time of family bonding can make some people realize they want to start fresh.

4. Dissatisfaction

The holidays often involve a lot of reflection. Some people consider why they are not as happy as other families seem to be. When people find themselves wishing for a different life during the holidays, it may be time for the divorce papers to come into play.