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A custody modification could help you see your kids more often

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | child custody

Child custody disputes are some of the most complicated proceedings because they’re not something that can be resolved without hurting someone involved. Whether it’s a child who hears their parents argue or parents who feel slighted, it’s normal for someone to feel they’re getting less than they’re entitled to.

If you feel you aren’t getting the time you need with your child due to the parenting plan you have in place, it’s possible to modify that plan by seeking a modification through the court. Your attorney can help you prepare the request, but you’ll need to show the judge why you deserve more time with your children.

How can you show that you’re ready to take on more time with your kids?

Everyone’s situation is different, so you’ll have to collect evidence based on yours. For example, if your child’s mother or father works during times when you could have custody, you might suggest having your child during those times instead of allowing them to go to day care. If you previously lost custody or had it reduced because of your actions, show how you’ve improved or changed. Showing a stable home, income and attitude will go a long way toward getting more time with your kids in that case.

A modification is not always granted, but if you have a good reason to seek a modification for your custody schedule, then a judge will take that request seriously. Even a day or two could make a major difference when it means seeing your child more often than you do with the current plan.