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When can you seek custody modifications?

by | Feb 7, 2018 | child custody

When you’re raising your child, there are times when it can become overwhelming. Maybe you change jobs or you end up in a situation where your child doesn’t have the life you want him or her to have. If during a divorce you decide to allow the other parent to obtain greater custody rights because of your current life choices or position, that doesn’t mean you never have a right to seek more time with your child.

For many, major life changes mean seeking out more time with their children. When there is a material change in your circumstances, you can seek out a modification in court. For instance, if you previously had visitation on the weekends because you lived far away but now moved closer, you may seek out a more balanced custody schedule. On the other hand, if you have to take a job that requires more of your time, you or your ex-spouse may seek a modification to adjust your custody schedule to address the changes in your life.

Remember that you can’t seek a modification unless the reason you want to change your custody arrangement is a situation that affects your child’s life. For instance, your new job takes up more of your time, and that affects your child directly. Moving, getting remarried and other major life events may qualify and give you a change to seek a custody modification.

Your attorney can help you file for a modification if you want to change your custody arrangements. Have your documents and proof of changes prepared to make the changes easier to seek.

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