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Fighting for custody: Moms may need to fight harder today

by | Nov 28, 2017 | child custody

Custody is a serious concern for parents who go through a separation or divorce. With traditional roles shifting, there is a concern, particularly among mothers, that it will be harder for them to obtain custody. Women are increasingly likely to have to choose between a career or spending more time with their children. Depending on the way the home was during the marriage, that can lead to mothers who are breadwinners fighting for custody against fathers who were stay-at-home parents. The role reversal is something some women aren’t prepared for.

In 1994, the tender years doctrine was abolished in the majority of states. This doctrine used to make it so that the courts would assume that mothers were more suitable parents for children who were under the age of 7. Add to that the fact that women actually outnumber men in the workforce and you can see why women are starting to find themselves struggling for custody in situations where it once would have been men doing so.

Times are changing in America, but one thing is always the same: The court wants what is best for your child. It may weigh more heavily the time you spend with your child, so making sure you have witnesses who can speak on your behalf and discuss how you participate in your child’s life is important.

With good character witnesses and supportive documents to show you can provide for your child, custody arrangements don’t have to be one-sided. Our website has more on what to do if you’re worried about losing custody.