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Man receives custody of daughter after 2 sons killed in crash

by | Oct 28, 2016 | child custody

There are many reasons why custody arrangements could change, and you should know that if a parent behaves poorly or negligently, it’s possible for that parent to lose custody of his or her children. That’s what may be happening in this case.

Following a serious accident, a father has received custody of his daughter and the remains of his two fatally wounded sons. An Oct. 26 news report stated that the father of three children has been given custody rights of his daughter because the children’s mother crashed in a drunk driving accident.

All three children were with her at the time of the crash; their eight-year-old and nine-year-old sons weyre killed. His seven-year-old daughter has been placed into his custody temporarily by the court after she suffered severe injuries in the crash.

When the mother was asked, she admitted that she was drinking before she got into the car with her three children and four other passengers. The judge reported that the mother also asked a witness to say negative things about her ex-husband’s character, so he’d have reduced chances of getting custody of their daughter. The judge found out, which did influence his decision in the case.

The news reports that the woman had been driving the children home from a Halloween party at around 11:30 p.m. when she crashed her vehicle. A teenager who was in the vehicle testified that people who saw her at the Halloween party asked the woman not to drive that night. As a result of the accident, the little girl’s father filed an emergency motion to seek custody of her and the bodies of his sons. The man and his ex-wife have been in a custody battle since 2014. At the most recent hearing, he argued that his ex-wife compulsively lies and should not have custody of their daughter any longer.

If you fear your child is in danger because of your ex-spouse’s behavior, it’s important to reach out to try to change your custody arrangements. If something does happen, you can seek an emergency hearing in court.

Source: News 4 Jax, “Judge awards father custody of injured daughter, remains of 2 sons,” Jenese Harris, Oct. 26, 2016