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Amber Alert cancelled after children found safe in Georgia

by | Oct 7, 2016 | child custody

When you’re in an uneasy relationship with your child’s other parent, the idea of that parent coming to pick up your child and taking him or her away can be terrifying. You might worry that your child won’t be returned to you or that you’ll need to make exceptions to have him or her returned to you on time and in good health.

If there is a reason to believe that a parent may run away with a child, it’s possible for a court to issue ruling that can protect your family. With the right evidence to support a case against the other parent, it’s possible to have visitation times limited or supervised as well.

An Amber Alert that was issued was cancelled after the mother of two children was found with them safe in Georgia. According to the news, the alert was issued after the 38-year-old woman entered the home of the toddler’s legal guardian and fled with the children. The authorities report that the woman entered the home, smashed the woman’s phone, scratched her and then took the children because she was told she could not see the children that day.

She is now wanted on charges of interference with child custody, burglary and battery. The 1 and 3-year-old children had been placed with another person as their legal guardian, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office revealed.

The woman may have been traveling with her husband, the children’s father, when she took the kids. The two have a volatile relationship, reports claim, stating that both are drug users. The Georgia State Police found both parents with their children following a search in Catoosa County.

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