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Can you take your ex back to court after a divorce is finalized?

by | Jun 29, 2018 | divorce

After your divorce is final, there are few times when your now ex-spouse can take you back to court. The reality is that the majority of your problems have been settled, and in the eyes of the court, your situation is resolved.

There are times, though, that you may be taken back to court or opt to take your ex-spouse back to court. You’ll have to appeal or create a motion to modify the divorce judgment if you wish to take your ex-spouse back to court over something in your divorce decree.

If you opt to ask the judge to modify the decree, there needs to be a good reason why. For example, you can ask a judge to modify the child custody arrangements in place if you find out that your ex-spouse is placing your children in day care the majority of the time they’re in his or her care or if you believe that he or she is getting into trouble with the law due to drug or alcohol use. In those cases, modifying the decree would normally be in the best interests of the children involved in the case.

You might also be able to seek modifications to your divorce decree if you can show that your ex-spouse lied about his or her wages or hid assets during the divorce. If you can show that he or she did so, you may be able to take him or her back to court to seek your fair share of the assets he or she hid from the court.

These are a couple times to consider taking your ex-spouse back to court. It is much more common than you’d think.