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Is it a good idea to move during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2018 | divorce

After a divorce, you might wish to relocate to start fresh. Once your divorce is settled, this is a good plan. However, it’s normally not a great idea if your divorce is still in progress.

There are a few reasons to wait to move until you absolutely have to. Here’s what you should know.

Why shouldn’t you move until your divorce is finalized?

If your divorce is pending, you may still need to appear in court, have meetings with your ex-spouse, meet up with your attorney or complete other tasks around your current home. If you move, it could hinder your ability to get steps related to the divorce finalized.

Another reason not to move is the risk of changing your circumstances too much. When you take on a new job, you might get a raise. That’s great, but it could affect your divorce negotiations. Similarly, if you can afford everything fine in the new location but would have struggled where you lived before, you might find that alimony is suddenly out of the picture.

There is no rush to move during a divorce, and you should remember that it takes time to start over. Even if you move, you’ll face a few months when you are taking time to get to know people. It’s likely you don’t want to drown them in your sorrows, so moving once your divorce is over with is a better plan.

Divorces can be tricky, and they’re major, life-altering events. Take your time when you decide what you want to do in your future; You have the opportunity to start again.