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3 situations that could result in a parent losing custody

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | child custody

There are certain situations in which a parent’s child custody rights could be challenged. Whether you’re the parent who could lose custody or not, it’s important to understand when a court may choose to protect the welfare of a child by removing the mother or father’s ability to raise, spend time with and care for a son or daughter.

Here are three situations when a parent could lose custody:

Drug abuse and drug possession

Courts will not generally stand for a child to be raised in an environment where illegal drugs are present. Parents convicted of drug possession could lose the right to their children.

Child abuse and neglect

Parents who abuse or neglect their children in any way could lose child custody. The court will try to protect the children from an emotionally or physically abusive parent.

Domestic violence

Any type of physical violence against family members could result in the loss of access to one’s children.

Ultimately, any situation that the court feels puts the child’s safety in danger is reason enough to end a parent’s child custody. For example, if Child Protective Services (CPS) needs to intervene by removing a child from someone’s home, a court may remove a parent’s custody for the same reasons.

Are your child custody rights in danger? Are you trying to revoke the other parent’s custody rights? You might want to discuss your situation with an experienced child custody attorney at our law firm. We will listen to your story and discuss the next best steps for you and your family.