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Working your way through divorce fears

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | divorce

For many people, just the thought of divorce brings on a lot of fear and concern. You worry about what people will think. You worry about what life will look like when you’re single. You worry about the stress of getting through the divorce process itself.

One woman who went through it said that, for her, the key to overcoming these fears was simply to attack her concerns head-on. She wanted to look into her options and find out how she could face the things she was afraid of. That made them less frightening because she had a plan and she knew how to move forward.

For example, one of her biggest fears was what would happen to the house. They’d lived there for years. It was more than a house; it was a home. It stressed her out to think of moving, selling the home, and finding a new place.

Here’s what she told herself:

“If I want to stay here, I am going to speak with my attorney to see what my options are to remain. I will look at the budget to see if this is possible, but if it is not, I know I have options for other housing. I also know that I am the one who has the memories in my heart, and that I, along with my children, are still a home and can create our own memories, wherever we are.”

This basic approach works for other concerns, whether they’re financial concerns, worries about seeing the kids or something else entirely. Just find out what legal options you have and start working toward a resolution.