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Expert claims social media leads to infidelity and divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2019 | divorce

Does social media use end marriages? Some experts certainly believe it can. And the problem is not just phone addiction or one person spending far more time on social media than they actually spend with their partner.

One expert said that the issue, in his experience, is that “infidelity is so easy now.” Social media allows people to secretly communicate with anyone, including people with whom they may start up affairs. They then use social media to maintain or coordinate these affairs.

Some of it could just be accessibility. In the past, people who wanted to have an affair had to go out and find someone else to connect with who was also open to it. Now, they may be able to find and message that person on social media. That, these reports claim, makes it easier and more likely that people will not be faithful to their marriages.

Are you worried about your spouse’s social media use? It’s important to know that the world has changed. Relationships do not always look the way they used to. This can be positive, but it could also mean that things are happening online that you do not know about — yet.

If those things come to light and you end up asking for a divorce, it is important to understand all of the legal steps you can take. A case like this can get complicated and may be fairly contentious. Fortunately, the law is there to guide you and protect your rights, no matter what happened, and you have to know how to proceed.